Another Failed Movie Night

We failed last night in our attempts to choose a movie to watch. You would think this is a simple thing, but it is never easy for my wife and me.

There are literally thousands of movies at our fingertips every time we attempt to choose a movie to watch, but still we can’t decide.

There is Netflix, iTunes, movies on TV and even the theatre if we want something brand new.

That doesn’t make it easier.

I don’t think there has ever been a time in our marriage where we both said, “Let’s see THIS movie.”

I don’t mean saying it at the exact same time, like a “punch buggy” thing; I mean both having the idea to watch the same movie.

We are diametrically opposed to each other when it comes to movies.

I like action adventure; Lily likes romance, and romantic comedy.

Do you know how few romantic action adventure movies there are? Someone could make a killing if they could produce more of these kinds of movies!

But having said all that, for Lily the action part really detracts from the thing she likes most in romantic movies.

I think the issue is how we approach movies in the first place.

I view movies more as an outside observer. My approach is more like I’m doing a ride along with the main character. I’m there with him, and I observe all the narrow escapes and harrowing feats, the bullets, explosions, yada, yada yada … but it’s not happening to me.

Lily, on the other hand, watches movies more like she’s in them.

There’s a new movie in the theatres right now called, “Jumanji”. I haven’t seen it yet because it’s an action adventure. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, the main characters get sucked into a video game and actually become the characters in the video game.

That’s how Lily watches movies. So when she’s watching some romantic movie with a particularly sensitive scene where the guy is saying something very touching to the girl of his dreams, when I chime in with some funny comment or mimic the line in a whiny voice, I’m not just mocking the movie, I’m actually mocking Lily.

She acts as if I’m saying that stuff to her and not the character in the movie … I think.

That’s why when she watches an action adventure movie, every explosion, every punch, she’s taking it on the chin.

When those movies are over, she’s tired because it’s like she just climbed up the side of a mountain, or parachuted behind enemy lines, or had to fight off some 7 foot, 350 pound guy.

That kind of thing can really drain you.

The other day I snuck up on her in the kitchen, and it scared her half to death. She said she lost three years off her life.

I hope those were just movie years and not real life years … although to her it’s all the same.

Here’s the thing: I don’t always understand how my wife thinks, or why she reacts in certain ways, but I do know that she loves me very much. The same is true with God. You may not understand why He answered your prayer that way, or didn’t seem to answer it at all. You may not understand why He allows some things to happen or unfold as they do. But one thing you can be certain of is that He loves you more than anything else. That is why He sent Jesus, His Son, to die in your place for the things you’ve done wrong. Be sure you’ve received His love by accepting His Son.

That’s Life!


Question: How do you handle not understanding someone? Leave your comments below.

Having Trouble Deciding On A Movie?

Sometimes I wonder how compatible my wife and I really are. In lots of areas we fit together well, but when it comes to movie selection we are opposites.


For instance, last night we thought of going to the theatre, but the one movie out of umpteen choices that we could agree upon was going to start too late for Lily’s liking. The alternative was to rent a movie at home.

I went to work at finding something that I liked and Lil might be able to tolerate but after about a half hour of watching trailers I kind of gave up. I’d seen several that I would rent in a flash but not with Lily.

We are so opposite that way. She likes romantic movies that are also a little funny … and you know those movies are found under the genre of “Sappy”.

I, on the other hand, like movies that are mostly action. My motto is if nothing’s going to get blown up and no one’s going to get shot at, it’s really not worth seeing.

There is one tiny area that we have in common: we both like movies that have some comedy in them.

I don’t really like straight comedies because they tend to also be very stupid movies. And I know it’s not nice to use the word “stupid” any more, so instead I’ll just say, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen. I could use more words, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Lily feels the same way, so we look for movies that are funny but not ridiculous.

So when Lily looks for a movie we can watch together she looks for something romantic and a little funny. When I look for a movie to watch with her it’s an action movie that has some funny lines in it. That’s the best we can do.

Last night I found nothing matching our criteria. Quite frankly, they don’t make many movies in those categories.

I figure the movie industry must do a lot of polling to find out what people like to watch, and if they’re not making many advent-edies or rom-edies, then there must be something wrong with Lily and I.

Either that or the movie industry has a secret plan to break up marriages. You know that’s not a far-fetched theory when you think of the content out there that’s degrading and damaging to marriage … maybe there’s something there for the conspiracy theorists to work on.

That still doesn’t help my problem when I want to go to the theatre or stay at home and watch a movie with my wife. It doesn’t help us feel compatible either.

I’m not sure how we are going to solve this dilemma, but last night Lily got busy working on a project and I . . . well, I watched a movie that had some pretty big explosions in it.

Here’s the thing: In a small group setting we look at the same Bible passage and glean from it together. But there are areas of your life that need specific and personal application. Don’t neglect a personal time with God, just because you study the Bible with others. You need both.

That’s Life!


Question: How have you neglected personal growth because you focussed on group input?  I’d love to hear from you. You can leave your comment below.

How To Determine If You Should See The Movie “Noah”

I’ve read about Noah in the Bible many, many times. Like thousands and thousands of other people, I know the story inside out.

Noah Flannel graph

This week I saw the movie, “Noah” in the theatre. To be honest, I didn’t read any of the hype, nor any of the reviews before I saw the movie. I simply went to see the movie of a script I knew very, very well.

After seeing the movie, I’m happy to report that there is a character named Noah, there is a flood and an ark (a very large boat). But the movie is not about the Noah that I’ve read about, nor does it have anything to do with God or the Bible.

There are people who have written all kinds of reviews on this movie. You could read a review or two if you want, but I would suggest you just read Genesis 6-9.

Read it a few times – it won’t take you the 139 minutes it takes to watch the movie (plus the previews and waiting in line for popcorn). As an added bonus, and just to get your math down on who lived when, you could read Genesis 5 as well.

That’s a really good start if you are interested in seeing the movie because, after reading the Biblical account of Noah, you will be able to view this movie without confusion. It’s clear that it’s not taken from the Bible.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; I’ve seen movies that aren’t from the Bible. I can’t recall any reference in the scripture to “Jason Bourne” or “Blackbrier” of the Bourne trilogy of movies, and I’m okay with that.

I saw the Lord of Rings series and I may even go see the Captain America movie that’s coming out soon. Those movies are entertaining; not enlightening; not revealing truth. And I don’t expect them to be any of that either.

For me, if I want enlightenment and truth I read the Bible. When I want to be entertained, I may watch a movie.

This was not a bad movie to watch. However, it is violent in places, and I still have a few marks on my hand where my wife dug in her nails.

There are some amazing rock creatures that help Noah build the ark. I’m sure they cut his workload and time down by about 60% … these guys had six arms!

If you haven’t seen the movie and are wondering if you should, consider your motives for seeing the movie first.

See it for entertainment only. If you want to get some visual depiction of the story in Genesis, then don’t see the movie. Instead purchase some flannel, some paper cut-out Bible figures, and an easel from a craft story. Then have someone read Genesis 6-9 and you work the flannel graph.

Here’s the thing: Everything you watch, hear and read has a slant to it. Someone has put their own thoughts, ideas, interpretation to it. But God has given us the Bible. Yes, it was written over 2,000 years ago and has 40 authors. But it was written under the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit.  2 Timothy 3:16 says it was “breathed out by God”. God has made sure that we have what He wants us to have in the scriptures: His truth, the truth.

That’s Life!


Question: Will you see the movie? Why or why not? If you have, what are your thoughts on it?

I’d love to hear from you; leave your comment below.