I’m Good At Wrecking Shoes

I came close to wrecking an expensive pair of shoes the other day.

I normally keep my shoes in good shape for a few years, but this pair I almost lost within six months of buying them.

When I was in my teens I remember my mom complaining that I wrecked running shoes (sneakers) in no time. But that was when I was young and foolish.

This week I got a call that there was a flood at our church. And when I was putting on my shoes to leave, I remember Lily saying to me, “You shouldn’t wear those; wear something old.”

But I thought that the call about the flood was an exaggeration so I said, “Don’t worry about it; they’ll be okay.”

Since then Lily has reiterated several times that she told me not to wear those shoes.

Okay, so she was right.

When I got to the church the flood was definitely a flood. In places the water was pooling on top of the carpet, and there was a little lake that spanned a hallway into two other classrooms.

The job was way too much for the one shop vac that we have, so I immediately called our carpet guy to get him on the job – fast.

The thing about flooding is you’re not usually the only one who’s flooded and so we had to wait a few hours for the carpet guy to actually arrive.

I figured I would do some prep for the professionals.

I had a helper who was madly using the shop vac in one hallway. But in the rooms we had all kinds of furniture that needed to get to dryer ground and out of the way for the carpet cleaner.

I decided to be the mover while we waited for water suction reinforcements.

The problem with that was it meant I had to walk through the pools of water in the various rooms to get the furniture out.

By the time I was done, so were my shoes. They were soaked through but looked okay.

When I got home, I told Lil that my shoes were really wet. And that was the first time she said, “I told you not to wear those shoes.”

Well, after letting them dry for two days, I still needed to blow some some warm through them.

When they were finally dry, they also looked ruined. The leather uppers had lost some of their shape, and there were white marks all over them.

That was the second time Lily said, “I told you not to wear them.”

But graciously she also said she would try to do something with them.

That evening she brought me my shoes and said, “Look at how well they turned out.”

I was amazed! They looked basically as good as they did before the dunking. I thanked her for all she did, and she reminded me one more time that I shouldn’t have worn them.

… But I’ll probably end up wearing them for something else I shouldn’t – that’s why, way back in the day, my mom was right when she said I was good at wrecking shoes.

Here’s the thing: It’s great to get another chance, but God has given us more than a second chance. He is so patient that we get multitudinous chances to trust our life to Him. And then He continues to forgive us of our wrongs. Now that’s a second chance!

That’s Life!


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Is There Such A Thing As Luck?

Luck is something that has happened by chance, without you causing it. Some call it good fortune or being blessed; some call it just plain luck.

Personally, I believe some people have more good fortune in some ways than others. I don’t believe God moves us like chess pieces on a chess board.

I’m not saying that I have a well thought out and researched theory on this; it’s just what I have observed in my life.

For instance, I would not buy a lottery ticket for several reasons, but also for one simple overriding reason: I most likely would not win.

Even if I bought a lottery ticket with the same numbers every week for a year, I’m pretty sure I would not win. So I’m not going to waste my money. My years on earth so far have taught me this.

If I ever did decide to buy a lottery ticket though, I would have my son purchase it for me. In my observation, good things just happen to him.

Some people see those random happenings going their way more than other people do.

Yesterday we were at a hockey game, and in between periods there were some contestants on the ice in hopes of winning a prize … a pretty good prize I might add – a $4000 vacation package.

I don’t often pay attention to those contests, but my wife and I both heard a name announced that we recognized.

We stopped and look down onto the ice and, sure enough, we knew one of the people who had been picked.

Naturally we decided to watch it through. It was a pure chance kind of game; the announcer would pick a ticket and that person would be out.

Our friend made it through the first round and the second round.

With only three contestants left, Lily said, “You know, I could see her winning this; she wins things all the time.”

Sure enough she won the prize. When we met up with her later, she was thrilled.

Those kinds of things don’t happen to me. But I won’t say I don’t have good fortune or that I’m not blessed.

Looking back on my life, I can see time and time again when I have been blessed, without any action on my part. Things have worked out for me; I have found favour with people throughout my life.

I remember being in the hospital after my heart attack and the nurse stationed in our room said to the four of us, “You are the lucky ones. There are many who don’t survive a heart attack.”

With regard to that and other good things in my life, you could say I’ve experienced good fortune.

I look at it as God saving me, protecting me, keeping me, answering prayers.

I may not be the one winning prizes, but in my life, with all that I have experienced, I would say I’ve been blessed.

So is there such a thing as luck? I don’t think I have a definitive answer on that one.

Do things happen by chance? I think from our vantage point they do.

The bigger question is: What do you want to leave up to luck, or good fortune, or being blessed?

Here’s the thing: God knows all things, so ultimately there is no luck or chance from His perspective; it just seems that way to us. Don’t trust your future, your eternity to being lucky. Seek God and secure your forever with one action – faith in Christ.

That’s Life!


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